About Us

Twin sisters with a passion for quality, elegance and unique designs, Joan and Janice Walsh are the inspiration behind JW Finds. The youngest of six girls, they grew up in a home that valued hard work, perseverance, and the belief that “nothing is more important than family.”

In December 2017, with the support and encouragement of their family, Janice and Joan launched JWFinds.

With a combined 40 years in business, merchandising and branding, the Walsh sisters share a talent for finding unique treasures from around the globe. Whether its jewelry from Brazil, handmade lamps from the Philippines, or whimsical dollhouses from Denmark, they will bring the extraordinary into your home and into your life.

“We want our customers to feel like they’re on a treasure hunt when they visit JWFinds, knowing that they’re going to find something special, something unique and beautiful.”

After years of buying jewelry, accessories, and home decor that delighted family and friends, Janice and Joan now welcome you into their ‘JWFinds’ family, hoping to bring you joy with an ever-changing array of new and exciting finds.